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Tile Grout Colored Quartz

Colored Quartz sand for Tile Grout is made using highly pure and extra fine quartz sand Our colored grout material is suitable for resinous application. Our grouting material is Most suitable for Tile grout, Grout repair, Grout sealant and Epoxy Grout.

Packing : 25 Kg Bag.



  • Compatible with Epoxy, Polyester, MMA
  • Semi-powdered colored silica quartz provides smooth and ware resistance surface finish.
  • Matching color shades, Uniform grain size
  • Single Component Tile Grout sealer 2 Kg and 5 Kg packing
  • We accept wholesale (A single component Tile Grout sealer) and bulk orders. Solid colors and Glitter shades on order.