Colored Silica Quartz Sand

Quartz is the toughest material among commonly used minerals on this earth which is resistant to all common climatic condition including commercial grade chemicals.

Our Colored Quartz Sand have a variety of uses including Composite Quartz Sink, Terrazzo floor, Quartz surface, Engineered Quartz, Surface texture, Wall texture, Wall coating plaster, Craft and Decorative Handicraft Articles, Sand art and paintings, Resinous Floor Coatings. SILWATEX colored quartz or aggregate, are composed of the finest uniformly graded quartz granules on Earth. This unique product is brilliantly color-coated with an advanced resin system and high quality colorfast pigments to provide optimal durability and extreme performance for the most demanding environments.


Type Quartz Sink
Material Quartz Stone
Color Multicolour
Form Solid
Shape Oval, Rectangular, Round